Can You Get Invisalign Clear Braces Without Visiting a Dentist?

This is because Invisalign is not a company that sells directly to the consumer, so you should go to an orthodontist to have the Invisalign aligner system placed on you and treated with Invisalign invisible orthodontic appliances. You should also attend regular follow-up appointments at your orthodontist's office with Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners

were the first of their kind to hit the market more than 20 years ago. During that time, they have continuously led the field of innovative and nearly invisible orthodontic care. Recently, new brands have emerged that offer transparent aligners directly to the consumer, which are mailed to the customer at home and do not require that they see a licensed orthodontist in the office.

X-rays are a necessary part of orthodontic treatment, so in order to obtain x-rays, aligner companies that sell by mail make customers pay out of pocket for x-rays at the dentist's office, at a different cost than treatment with transparent aligners. Conversely, because brands of aligners sold by mail order do not offer direct supervision from a licensed orthodontist or office visits, and because of frequent consumer complaints about the effectiveness of the treatment, your insurance provider may deny coverage or cover a minor part of it. Aligners that are purchased by mail do not have access to this technology, so they use generic plastic, which can affect the effectiveness of the results. They may claim that their aligners are made with BPA-free plastic, but all plastic aligners are BPA-free, no matter the brand. Aligners that are sold by mail have a limit in terms of the orthodontic conditions that can be treated with their aligners.

Without the direct supervision of an orthodontist, they can only treat mild to moderate cases in which the teeth do not require complex movements. Aligners sold by mail order also cannot use accessories, small brackets that are attached to certain teeth to give them a better grip. Invisalign accessories help align even the most complex cases, but without them, aligners sold by mail have limited effectiveness. Therefore, Invisalign treatment can resolve many more types of cases, as well as more serious cases, than transparent aligners sold by mail order. While many brands of mail-order aligners have 6-month results, this isn't necessarily the case.

Only mild to moderate conditions can be corrected within 6 months; more complex conditions may require a longer treatment time. Without the direct supervision of a licensed orthodontist, it can be difficult to assess how long it may take for a case to complete treatment. If problems arise, they may not be noticed at first, which can delay treatment or, in some cases, damage your teeth. Mail-order brands promote their treatment with aligners by saying: “results in 6 months”. But this is only true in some cases. More complex cases will take more than 6 months and may require many more aligners than those included in the original price.

Invisalign treatment can achieve results in 6 months, but it also treats complex cases more quickly, using newer, patented technology, optimized to achieve precise movements and effective results. In addition, mild cases could be treated in less than 6 months with Invisalign therapy or braces. Aligners sold by mail can treat fewer types of dental conditions, use older technology, and cover the cost of treatment less than Invisalign therapy. Many consumers have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau about their treatment with aligners by mail, after it failed to straighten their teeth or, in some cases, permanently damaged them. The AAO calls for caution with regard to treatment at home, when your case is supervised by a doctor you have never met and whose credentials you do not know, and who can only consult you virtually.

Teeth aren't virtual; treating them virtually can have serious consequences. Some virtual consultations are accepted during treatment if the doctor can also make regular office visits. A doctor's supervision in the office and the use of important in-office equipment, such as x-rays, are critical to properly aligning your teeth. Yes, more than 2,600 unhappy customers have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau due to poor results achieved with mail-order aligners. Some clients experienced no improvement, while others saw their condition worsen due to the use of the aligners, as well as other problems such as damage to teeth or chipped gums or severe pain.

For results you can trust and a technology that provides them it's best to see a licensed orthodontist. Aligners for home use also called aligners that are mailed or sent directly to the consumer do not require visits to an orthodontist's office. You'll start treatment with a teeth straightening kit (some brands also offer in-person consultations). These aligners are more practical and less expensive than in-office options.


is an orthodontic treatment but it can be performed by a general dentist. That's because it's not meant to treat extensive or serious orthodontic problems so any dentist can learn to treat patients and correct their smiles with Invisalign.

Your dentist doesn't need to be an orthodontic specialist to provide this treatment. The main differences between invisible orthodontic appliances (or transparent aligners) and metal braces are aesthetics treatment time and the flexibility of treatment options. However they are transparent aligners that can be removed and the treatment time is usually shorter than the treatment time of metal orthodontic appliances. The best invisible braces and transparent aligners are alternatives to metal braces but they are still a type of orthodontic appliance. It's generally cheaper to use invisible braces at home than it is to go to a professional office to buy traditional metal braces.

Straightening your teeth requires orthodontic treatment such as traditional metal braces or transparent aligners...

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