Can You Wear a Mouthguard with Braces for Sports?

When it comes to sports and braces, the question of whether you can wear a mouthguard is a common one. At Hentscher-Johnson Orthodontics, we know that the answer is a resounding yes. Wearing a mouthguard when you have braces can protect your teeth from the impact of an injury, as well as protect your lips, cheeks, and tongue from lacerations. A suitable mouthguard can help protect patients with braces from more serious injuries while playing sports.

When you have braces or aligners, you can definitely wear a mouthguard. The arches of orthodontic appliances help to support the teeth, and a mouthguard will not only help absorb the impact of a blow, but it will also protect soft tissues (cheeks and lips) from lacerations caused by braces. If you wear aligners, make sure to remove them before inserting a mouthguard. Aligners won't protect your teeth from a strong impact, so it's very important to wear a mouthguard if you have braces.

This is because the soft tissue in your mouth is more susceptible to damage if someone hits you in the face. Braces and metal braces can shatter your gums and even pierce your lip if someone hits you in the mouth. This is incredibly painful and could cause permanent scarring. The best way to prevent this from happening is to cover your orthodontic appliances with a mouthguard.

Mouthguards are made of durable plastic that creates a strong barrier between braces and gums. The best type of mouthpieces for orthopedic appliances are models specifically designed for orthopedic appliances that have an internal channel that houses the braces and wires of the orthopedic appliance. The Nxtrnd Braces mouthguard is made to fit the teeth and provide protection without interfering with the orthodontic alignment of braces.

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