Affordable Alternatives to Invisalign Clear Braces

Retainers are a great way to maintain a straight smile without having to wear braces or aligners all the time. They are much more affordable than Invisalign and require very little maintenance. If you're looking for an even cheaper option, there are several online or at-home alternatives, such as NewSmile, Candid and Byte. SmileDirectClub also offers a treatment similar to Invisalign, but it is for home treatment only and no office visits are required.

Candid is one of the fastest alternatives to Invisalign, with an average treatment time of six months. However, you'll have to wear clear braces for 22 hours a day, and take them off just to eat and brush your teeth. Invisible braces online may offer a more affordable alternative to traditional braces or Invisalign for mild to moderate corrections. This attractive alternative to Invisalign can get you the straight teeth you expected in just three months if you can wear your clear braces for 22 hours a day.

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